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Mzuzu Botanic Garden

Mzuzu Botanic Garden covers a total area of 478 ha. It is situated in the city of Mzuzu in the northern region. The garden experiences cool temperatures and receives an annual rainfall of 3,000 mm. It is dominated by evergreen tree species, such as Syzygium sp., Uapaca kirkiana, and Brachystegia taxifolia. Most of the garden is managed as a nature reserve and only a small portion has been landscaped.

Mzuzu Community:

Herbaceous Collection
Herbaceous plants include annuals, perennials, and ornamental plants that are cultivated for their colourful flowers. This collection is for both commercial purposes and display and includes herbaceous perennials, such as Salvia splendens, Chrysanthemum, Lobelia, Bulbine caulescens, and Tulbaghia violacea.

Terrestrial Orchid Collection
Over ten terrestrial orchids grow naturally in the garden, including Disa sp., Eulophia sp., Platycoryne mediocris, Satyrium buchananii, and Biophytum sp.

Grass Collection
Many indigenous grass species grow naturally in Mzuzu Botanic
Garden. Some of the species are used in construction work in the garden, for example, thatching. The surrounding communities are allowed to cut the grass for personal use. Some dominant grass species are Andropogon eucomus, Cymbopogon densiflorus, Eragrotis racemosa, Imperata cylindrica, Panicum sp., Tristachya sp., and Sporobolus sp.

Tree and Shrub Collection
In situ conservation has made the botanic garden rich in evergreen trees, such as Syzygium, Uapaca, and Brachystegia. Newtonia buchananii and Khaya anthotheca have been introduced along the river. These plants serve as material for display, research, and education.

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Southern African Botanical Diversity Network.